What Texas Looks Like So Far Pt.2

Well, I’ll try and keep this one brief. Another picture post and a few updates are in order. It’s nearly midnight and my contacts are burning out of my face so please excuse me if this isn’t the most eloquent post. Let’s see, let’s see…what’s new?

1. We got another dog! Because I am crazy. Some part of me, some sinister, terrible part of me, was all It can’t be that hard to take care of two small children, a dog and a new puppy! Look at this cute puppy! And reader, I looked.


Oh my god. Stop it. I need her.


And so she came home with us. Each of her ears is exactly as big as her face and it’s hilarious. We got her Friday 13th, the night of the full moon, and naturally we named her Luna. She’s a Border Collie mix, with Blue Heeler I believe but it doesn’t really matter. She’s just a cutie. She’s totally insane, don’t get me wrong, but she is quite nice to look at and is a pro at cuddling. She eats dryer lint and roly poly bugs and together with Emmett has managed to destroy two inflatable pools, consecutively, and my shitty Walmart drying rack. Chew toys, the lot of them.

2. My mom and little sister came to visit! Up until this point I haven’t seen a single face that I know in nearly 3 months, so it was really nice to see them and even harder to say goodbye than it was the first time around. They were here for the destruction of one inflatable pool, but thankfully we had other cool things to do while they visited. We got an extra fancy air mattress and sheet set for our ‘guest bedroom’ (aka the playroom/landing between Ben and Isla’s rooms) so that made me feel like quite a grown up. We visited one of those drive-though ranches where the animals get right up in your grill and scare the crap out of you. We also went to the Austin Aquarium which was…I mean it was cool. But it was quite different from what I was expecting. I mean the New England Aquarium is what I’m used to, so I was sort of surprised to see that the Austin Aquarium is in a strip mall. Like I think it used to be a TJ Maxx? But they had some cool displays and a jungle gym at the end which the kids ran through happily for what seemed like hours. We also went to the Thinkery, which is the coolest children’s museum I’ve ever encountered and I can’t wait to go back all year long. My mom and Alannah were curious about the local food and I proudly introduced them to Chik Fil A which is the most magical place and I can’t believe I’ve been living 27 years without  ever having tried this stuff. The fast food situation in Texas is crazy good. We went to Whattaburger and they BRING YOUR FOOD TO THE TABLE. And they wear little condiment trays like Vegas cigarette girls and are all so nice and wonderful. Anyway. Picture time!

Islaranch lanaranch Benranch

Kids, ready to see some action. I had Isla up front with me in case the zebras tried any funny business and I needed to protect her tiny face. We were going 5mph and I am only a little nervous about putting this on the internet and somehow getting myself arrested for breaking car seat laws. No rules on safari!

goatKeep it moving, pal.

nopegoatsThey had us surrounded

nopecowThe dreaded Nope Cow. It’s horns (antlers? stabbers? murdery bits?) were as wide as the car we were in. It charged right after I snapped this and we all were screaming and sped up to get away.

BengoatBenny got to play with this baby goat. Outside the frame are roughly 60 other goats who are not very well mannered, to say the least.

BenLanaTh BenIslacrank kidspaint Benname


Water play and painting at the Thinkery. Super cool and lots of fun. They were all soaked within 5 minutes of us arriving and were all very happy.

Islacooking Islalitebrite

Isla playing in the kitchen/grocery store area, and again in the dark room with a gigantic light table.

lastday4 lastday lastday2 lastday3

OK Ben, you don’t have to smile.

3. Nothing really else is going on. We spend our days doing pretty much the same thing over and over, and having little adventures here and there. It is hot as balls here, pardon my American, so we have to make do with staying indoors a lot of the time (which is fine with me because I am really not a summer-loving kind of person SHOCKING I KNOW). Here are some random pictures that have nothing to do with each other:

IslasprinklesIsla found a jar of sprinkles in the cabinet and is seen here swallowing the evidence. I took a picture instead of taking the sprinkles because I’m a good mom.

dogbowlselfieBen’s dog-bowl selfie. He takes a lot of selfies. Like…too many. My whole photo library is made up of close up images of his face and 5 second videos of him loudly singing “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

lavenderLavender on my front step! Whoever lived here before me also planted tons of roses in the back. I love that person, whoever they are.

kidsyard kidsyard2 kidsyard3

Here are my kids being cute in the back yard.


Here they are again being cute in the back of our car at the drive in. They have those down here! Some dude in a cowboy hat was pissy with us because his enormous Dodge Ram truck with a lift kit wasn’t tall enough, apparently, to see over our Ford Edge. Really. No, really. He drove a monster truck to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and we just went and ruined it for him.


They climb into my bed every night while I’m sleeping and I wake up in a tangle of limbs and hot breath in my face. Somehow I was sleeping in that small white square before I woke up, looked around me, and decided to take a picture for proof. This morning Isla was sleeping on my face, on my actual face, and Ben was sideways with his feet flat against my back kicking as hard as he could.

Good thing I still have that blow up mattress in the guest room.

bikes It was 100 degrees so we got to ride bikes in the living room!


The end.



2 thoughts on “What Texas Looks Like So Far Pt.2

  1. Jenn, I love this!!! You have no idea how happy you’ve made me. Please keep writing and posting pix of those babies. Miss you guys so much.

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